> What is SWFConsole?

SWFConsole is a free developer tool for Flash AS3 projects that gives you output in all environments, not just the IDE. For anyone who needs something like the Flash IDE Output panel (where all the trace commands go) in a web browser, just download this free tool here!

> Download

07 August 09 - VERSION 1.1 Released! Check the version history below to see what's changed.

Latest Version :
SWFConsole 1.1 AS3 Source | SWFConsole 1.1 AS3 Demo

Older Versions:
Version 1.0 | Version 1.0 Demo

> Demo

you need flash

> How to use

Really really easy...
Importing and adding:
import rl.dev.*;
addChild( new SWFConsole( docWidth:Number, docHeight:Number, traceEnabled:Boolean ) );

- docWidth : the width of your flash document.
- docHeight : the height of your flash document.
- traceEnabled (optional) : if set to true, all SWFConsole output will also be sent to the trace function. false by default.

Outputing stuff:
SWFConsole.output( ouput your stuff here );

NEW!! shortcut function
output( output your stuff here );
(make sure you import the output function! see above)

Show SWFConsole:
Simply press the tilda key (`)

NOTE: REMEMBER TO REMOVE OR DISABLE SWFCONSOLE IF YOUR PROJECT IS RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC! A good way to do this is to use flash vars to control whether it is added or not. View this demo for more info and view the source of this webpage.

> Features

- just like the trace function, but in a browser!
- free!
- lightweight! adds approx 6KB to file size if left in a project for ongoing use.
- built in resource monitor that shows fps and memory usage. just type !resmon.
- can view public properties, variables and functions (except statics as yet!).
- can run public functions of instances.
- only for AS3 (let me know if you'd like an AS2 version, donating will make it happen faster!)

> Version History?

Version 1.1
- added output shortcut function
- fixed some code so it now compiles on fcsh (FLEX)

> Special Thanks!

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded SWFconsole!
It's now up to over 2000 downloads! (i'm happy!)

These ace people have given some rock'n' feeback and helped me out:
- Vikram Singh
- Tarwin Stroh-Spijer
- Oliver Lardner

> Feedback

If you like SWFConsole, find any bugs or errors, have any suggestions for future versions, or are just bored, let me know here